5 Ways to Increase Your Metabolism

While many struggle with maintaining their ideal weights, there’s always someone we know who can devour an entire dinner spread and not gain a pound. We’re not all born with a good metabolism, but the good news is you can always boost it naturally. After all, the word ‘metabolism’ comes from the Greek word metabolismos which means change. So, when you’ve reached the age where your metabolic rate slows down, you do have the opportunity to speed it up.

But first of all, what is metabolism? Metabolism is the process where your body converts food into energy. A healthy metabolism ensures that your body system is more reliable when it comes to detoxifying the body, protecting it from diseases, eliminating waste and burning fat.

Here are 5 ways to boost your metabolism:

1. Hydrate yourself

Being slightly dehydrated already shows that our metabolism has slowed down. The energy that the body receives from metabolic nutrients is used for countless bodily functions and processes. Water regulates all bodily functions including metabolic reactions.

To rev up your metabolism, you should consume 64 ounces of water, which is almost 2 litres of water, each day.

2. Eat breakfast

We need food for our metabolism to function day and night. In order for our bodies to respond favourably, we need to eat well. A nutrient-rich morning starts your body’s ‘engine’ i.e. your metabolism. So, if you want to start your day right, a healthy breakfast is just what you need to keep you going throughout the day.

3. Have an iron-rich diet

Iron helps carry oxygen to the muscles. However, women lose iron when they menstruate every month. If the body doesn’t have enough iron, the oxygen supply of muscles will decrease and this can affect your metabolism.

Women should eat foods rich in iron during their menstruation to compensate for the iron lost.

4. Drink green tea

Green tea is known as an antioxidant, but new research shows that one major ingredient in green tea, called catechin, can boost your metabolism. Researchers noted that people who consume green tea daily shed more kilos compared to those who don’t drink green tea, suggesting that catechin promotes fat burning.

5. Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep can help balance your hormones and makes sure your metabolism is running well. Sleep deprivation can disturb the body’s ability to regulate hormones and metabolism. When your hormones and metabolism are dysregulated, the production of hormones that regulate energy use and appetite are also dysregulated. This explains why researchers from Stanford University have observed that people who sleep less than 7 hours every night experience a growth in their body mass index.

Who knew that a few simple steps are what it takes to jump start your metabolism? Practising these easy tips can help you keep your body balanced for optimal metabolism that can still be reached even when we age.

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