5 Ways to increase your Red Blood Cell count

If I asked you which part of your body you deemed the most important, I wouldn’t be surprised if you said your red blood cells (RBCs). After all, RBCs are responsible for transporting oxygen throughout the body and are very literally our life source.

Whether you need to boost your endurance or combat anemia, here are 5 things you can do to increase your RBC count safely, naturally and effectively:

Change your diet

Low levels of iron are often the cause of anemia. To combat this and boost your RBC count, add iron-rich foods such as spinach, lentils or beef to your diet.

Copper, as well as vitamins B12, B9, and A should also be added to your diet as they are all necessary for the production of RBCs.

Consuming foods such as nuts, shellfish, and cashews can help you get the nutrients you need. Alternately, if you are unable to eat these foods, you may opt for supplements such as food-based multivitamins.

Get some exercise

When you exercise, do you sometimes find it hard to catch your breath? This is because your body is trying to boost the transport of oxygen around the body.

The main function of RBCs is to deliver oxygen all around the body. Thus, when more oxygen is needed, your body actively boosts the circulation of RBCs to the various oxygen deprived muscles!

By adding just 20 minutes of moderate exercise to your daily routine, you can increase your RBC count—not to mention, boost your endurance and overall health.

Skip the cocktails

Sorry, but even a couple of glasses of wine every night may be the reason for your low RBC count.

Additionally, heavier-than-moderate drinkers not only have a generalized oppression of cell production caused by alcohol. Oftentimes, they also have defective RBCs which die prematurely, possibly leading to anemia.

So, switch to fizzy water at your next party—you’ll feel the difference!

Go to the mountains

Spending time at high altitudes can be an excellent way to boost your RBC count.

In fact, you often hear of endurance athletes training their stamina by living and training at high altitudes for this very reason.

This is because the higher above sea level you go, the less atmospheric pressure is on the air you’re breathing. This means the air is sparser and less oxygen is available.

Just as going into oxygen debt through exercising gets your body working to produce more RBCs to help meet the demand for oxygen, so does spending time in an elevated environment.

Thus, by spending just two weeks in the mountains, you can increase your RBC count for months.

Eat your greens

The greener the plant, the higher the chlorophyll content, which only means well when increasing your RBCs.

It seems that chlorophyll and haemoglobin have similar makeups, which means that ingesting chlorophyll can have a positive effect on your body’s RBC production.

What this means, of course, is that you need to eat your vegetables!

You can also try chlorophyll-packed foods such as wheat grass juice to boost your RBC count.

Thus, by taking a few simple measures, you can safely and effectively nourish your body back to health.

So, get your body moving, consume a balanced diet, and remember that the greener vegetable you consume, the healthier your body will be!

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