6 Ways to Make Your Clinic More Eco-Friendly

The term “Go Green” should not be unfamiliar to most of us in today’s day and age. Doing our part as individuals to save the environment has never been more important. Being environmentally-friendly is a choice that is increasingly spreading globally amongst consumers, entrepreneurs, employers and even healthcare providers. 

Hospitals and clinics around the world have already taken steps to make their practice an eco-friendly one. Here are some ways you can make your clinic more environmentally-friendly.

1. Go paperless 

Reducing paper would not only save the environment, but it would also save time and increase the operating efficiency of your clinic. Your patient medical record system can be digitalised instead of being physically stored in endless piles of paper. The BioMark Doctor Platform is an excellent portal to store patient medical records including patient blood pressure, Body Mass Index (BMI) and lab test results in a secure Cloud platform. This would also prevent cases of missing lab test results or having the need to rummage through the office to find a specific patient report. Document scanning can also be done electronically using mobile phones instead of physical forms.

2. Say NO to plastic

The use of plastic bags can be avoided to make your clinic more eco-friendly. Recently, there is an increased surge of saying NO to plastic, for example, the removal of plastic straws in certain food chains, and consumers bringing their own bags in supermarkets. This can also be implemented in clinics, where patients’ prescribed medicine is not packaged in plastic. This would not only have a huge impact on the environment, but it would also save your clinic a lot of money on plastic bags.

3. Use eco-friendly medical instruments

This could be one of the harder points to implement, but it is far from impossible. Environmentally-hazardous medical instruments can be replaced with environmentally-friendly ones. For example, your clinic can use IV bags and tubings made from recyclable materials. Disposable medical instruments can also be switched with reusable ones. Digital radiography can also be chosen over traditional film-based X-rays that use harmful chemicals and are more expensive.

4. Save electricity and water

A large amount of money goes to paying utility bills for your clinic. Why not cut some costs, and at the same time, make a huge impact on the environment? Adjusting your clinic’s air-conditioner temperature by 1 to 2 degrees can save up to 10% on your clinic’s electricity bill. Using LED lights largely reduce the amount of electricity used in your clinic. Another simple way to save electricity in your clinic is to unplug equipment when they are not in use, for example, computers and medical instruments. You can also decrease your clinic’s water consumption to save on water bills as well as saving the environment.

5. Carefully dispose waste

Being environmentally friendly does not only stop when your patients leave your clinic. The disposal of waste is equally, or even more important in your efforts of being a more eco-friendly clinic. Make sure that your clinic has an eco-friendly disposal system to get rid of biomedical and chemical waste, where the environment is not harmed in the process.

6. Join a local environmental initiative 

You would be surprised at how other local businesses are trying to go green as well. Taking part in a local “Go Green” challenge or initiative, for example, would encourage your clinic to be more eco-friendly and it could also connect you to other green businesses in your area as well.


Patients are becoming more increasingly aware of environmental issues. They are also making more eco-friendly choices and are supporting green businesses. Going green does not only make your practice more attractive to these patients, but it also encourages large amounts of savings on utility bills, increases the operating efficiency of your clinic and the best part — makes this planet a better place to live for everyone.

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