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Recall the iconic image of the 1920s Tour de France riders sharing a cigarette in the approach to a big climb: At the time, smoking was said to open the lungs, purportedly giving cyclists a boost before the long ascents ahead.


The list goes on: In the 1950s, Domino marketed refined sugar as a dieting aid. Coca-cola contained a significant dose of cocaine until three years into the 20th century, causing consumers to get hooked on the fizzy brown drink for reasons that went beyond the secret formula. And consider the proliferation of diets that unfolded over the decades – from fat-free, to high carb, the fruitarian movement championed by long-distance runner Michael Arnstein, and a family that eats only steak, every day of the year, in the name of well being.


The Bottom Line

People have always wanted to take charge of their health. And yet there’s no end to the nutrition, training, and wellness options on offer. What’s healthy one year is decidedly harmful the next. And the truth is? We’ve been, for the most part, at the whim of marketers who have decided what’s best for us as individuals.


The BioMark Blog

The BioMark blog is here to help parse through the fads and formulas and to make sense of the products, systems, and regiments that barrage our health decisionmaking every day. We want to help you live your best life, and make the choices that will give you real progress and improvement, rather than another notch in your I-tried-it health-fads belt.


Stop by when you need a dose of science and practicality. Alongside advice from healthcare practitioners and wellness providers, we’ll present you with the latest knowledge on nutrition, sleep, exercise, and more. We’re here to share best practices, fitness inspiration, and breakthrough research.


We will deliver only the best for you.

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