Detoxing, simplified!


How to detox simply, naturally and safely

With all the artificial substances that we put into your body, it is only natural for us to wonder if our bodies are actually happy with all the junk we feed it. The physical and mental health of your body is dependent on the food we consume. At some point or another, you might feel the need to cleanse your system and this is where detoxing comes in.

Dating back to ancient Roman, Greek and Indian cultures, detoxing is by no means a modern phenomenon. In recent years, it has risen in popularity and with this, methods of detoxing have also evolved. Nowadays, trendy detox diets require people to down dubious concoction of maple syrup and lemonwater or stick to mono diets to eliminate toxins in their bodies.

However, can these detox diets actually reset your metabolism and rid your body of harmful toxins? Although detoxing has some definite benefits, doing it safely and healthily has more value than blindly following fad diets.

Read ahead if you are interested in learning how you can detox your body naturally and safely without restricting yourself to a strict and unforgiving diet.

1. Take it easy

The biggest problem with most detox diets or programs is that they aren’t sustainable. They provide a quick fix, usually by completely altering your eating habits. But therein lies the problem. People are creatures of habit and will revert back to any bad habit if the incentive no longer holds its appeal.

For this reason, you need to decide on making lifestyle changes and cultivating new, healthy habits. Going at this cold-turkey is a bad idea for most people. Instead, allow yourself to ease into the new lifestyle by cutting back on unhealthy food.

Start by steadily decreasing obvious unhealthy substances like alcohol, refined sugar and saturated fats. Your body won’t be shocked by the sudden change in diet and you won’t be as irritable. Chances are that you will start to feel healthier and more encouraged to continue on the path to a detox lifestyle.

2. Stress less

Stress is a major culprit in terms of producing toxins that negatively affect the body. When you stress, your body releases stress hormones. In moderation, these hormones give you a boost. However, when your stress levels are elevated for prolonged periods, these hormones decrease your liver’s production of detoxifying enzymes.

Unfortunately, for many people, stress is an inevitable part of their daily lives. Yoga, Qigong and meditation are activities that you can build into your daily routine to relieve you of stress. These activities are intended to reset your mental and physical reactions to stress.

3. Naturally detoxifying foods

With a busy life, we often take the easy way out and choose fast food over home cooked meals. You might even buy something under the guise of it being healthy, but in fact, they may be just as hazardous to your health.

Nothing in life that is worthwhile is easy. If you are serious about pursuing a healthy lifestyle, then you need to be proactive in planning what you are going to eat. Adding fruit to your diet helps your body flush out toxins. Additionally, vegetables like onions, carrots and broccoli are excellent sources of sulphur, which aids the liver in detoxifying toxins.

4. Exercise

To many, the thought of exercising to detox their bodies never even crosses their minds. However, regular exercise is one of the most efficient ways to detox your body.

When you sweat, there are a number of things that happen to your body. Apart from cooling down, your body also releases toxins through your skin. Studies have indicated that there are trace amounts of arsenic, lead and even mercury in sweat. Not only do you now get rid of toxins in your body, but you also actively relieve yourself of stress.

5. Water

The modern world is full of artificial flavors. From a young age, we have been introduced to artificially sugared drinks. For some, water is the last beverage they’d choose to quench their thirst and instead choose to reach for artificially flavoured drinks.

However, water is probably the most important substance that you can ingest. Most of your bodily functions require water. Without it, you can’t perspire, get rid of toxins, or even produce sufficient saliva. However, your taste for water might have been tainted by other more flavorsome drinks. If so, how about adding some lemon juice to your water to give it that extra bit of flavor? Additionally, lemon is considered a fruit packed full of anti-oxidants.

Especially during a festive season, our dining tables will be packed full of calorie-laden dishes. Roasted meats, thick gravies and devilishly sweet desserts, to name a few. Be sure to keep your bodies in tiptop condition even after all the feasting. Detox your bodies naturally with a few tips off our list and you’ll be sure to keep healthy!

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