Introducing, biomarking

You’ve probably seen and heard from our Facebook and Instagram that we’ve started a biomarking movement – yes, a movement!

A biomarking movement. 

It’s self-care at its finest. Biomarking is when you monitor and manage specific biomarker levels in your body for improved health. It’s putting your health first – for happier and healthier lives, where chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease can be prevented.

Ever find yourself wondering what’s happening inside your body? Or wondering if you’re as healthy as you feel? That’s where biomarking comes in.

Here’s how you can start biomarking.


Step One: Visit a BioMark Participating Clinic

To start your biomarking journey, you can visit a BioMark participating clinic. Regularly visiting a physician for a health screen is a great way to keep your health in check.

You can visit our participating clinics to get your blood tests done here.


Step Two: Take a Blood Test for Specific Biomarkers

During the health screen, the health professional will take your blood to test for specific biomarker levels, apart from measuring your height, weight and blood pressure. Common biomarkers that are tested in health screenings include glucose, HbA1C, HDL and LDL cholesterol and triglyceride. These biomarker levels can measure your risks for chronic diseases.


Step Three: Receive Test Results and Understand Health Risks

Once your test results are ready, you will receive an SMS with a barcode number. To access your results, you will need to input this barcode number into the BioMark app. You will then need to verify your IC number to access your results. Watch this simple tutorial below on how you can view your test results on the BioMark app.



Once you're able to view your results, it is important that you fully understand them. Your physician should fully explain your results and what they mean in terms of your health status and health risks for chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.


An example of blood test results overview via our BioMark app


Step Four: Follow Personalised Health Recommendations from a Doctor

When your physician is explaining your blood test results, he or she would recommend personalised lifestyle changes that could improve your current health status. For example, if your blood test results reflect high LDL cholesterol levels, your physician would recommend a change in diet and an increase in physical activity to help reduce your cholesterol levels.

You can also find health recommendations for specific biomarkers in the BioMark app.


An example of lifestyle recommendations via our BioMark app


Step Five: Monitor Biomarker Levels and Improve Your Health  

Once you’ve understood the lifestyle changes that need to be implemented, don’t stop there! It’s time to get your gears running to improve your health. Baby steps are important when it comes to changing your lifestyle. It’s great to have a support system – be it your partner, or best friend – to start a new active lifestyle together. It’s more fun that way too!

Once you’ve implemented certain lifestyle changes, one question that would come to your head is, “Are these changes working?” and that’s when the next few blood tests come in. Subsequent blood tests allow you to check whether your biomarker levels have decreased, for example, after all that diet changes and 7 am jogs!



Decrease in cholesterol levels after lifestyle changes over the months via our BioMark app

The best feeling when you’re biomarking, in my opinion, is to watch your biomarker levels decrease. When you use our app, you can literally see it.

It feels especially rewarding when your biomarker levels go from red (high levels) to green (normal/healthy levels). Now that calls for a celebration.

The whole act of getting a blood test, realising that there are some lifestyle changes that could be made to improve your health and then going for subsequent blood tests – that’s exactly what biomarking is. It’s a movement. It’s for adults, youths, the elderly, everyone. It’s also a lifestyle, where you regularly get your blood screened to take charge of your health. 

If you’re as inspired as we think you are, you can get started with your biomarking journey with BioMark today! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get updates and more health content.

We’re biomarking! Are you?

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